Erasmus + declaration GB

The Saint-Vincent Group has experienced significant growth since its recent expansion works, the awarding of its labels “Image High School” and “Green Church” and the opening of postgraduate training courses granted by the Ministry of National Education. It has built up a reputation at local, regional and national levels as a result of an effective modernisation and communication strategy.

Our Higher Education Centre will welcome 150 students and 20 teachers by the start of the 2020 academic year. Its membership in the Erasmus+ Program would allow us to meet the growing demand of students in Photography, in Arts and Design wishing to extend their study and training opportunities to Europe and to the world, as well as to meet the ambition of our staff to create lasting strategic partnerships in order to develop and exchange their professional and language skills.

With the aim of being recognized as a quality European institution, the Saint-Vincent Group undertakes to apply the fundamental principles of the Erasmus+ Program and the recommendations of the Council of Europe “Towards a European Education Area” as follows :

•to develop the attractiveness of the institution at European and international levels.
•to ensure equal access and opportunities to all participants, particularly the inclusion of those with fewer opportunities.
•to allow better adaptability and employability to learners.
•to make mobile participants aware of their European identity and encourage their active citizenship.
•to improve the learners’ language level.
•to develop our own institutional strategies on sustainability and connect them with the concepts of mobility and internationalisation.

Finally, the Saint-Vincent Group undertakes to promote and make visible all the activities of the Erasmus+ Program, to ensure full automatic recognition of all learning outcomes (ECTS credits, etc.) and to measure the impact of the Erasmus+ Program on our modernisation and internationalisation strategy to observe its effectiveness.

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